Please only submit your data through ONE of the following options:

Google Sheets

If you use Google Sheets, you can access it here. Click File ->Make a copy. Please share the document with us when you are done collecting data by hitting the Share button in the top right corner and adding the email address

Excel Data Sheets

If you prefer to use Microsoft Excel, you can download the data entry sheet below. If possible, email us your sheet every week with the past weeks data. If you aren’t collecting data frequently, you can submit your data by July 15th. Email it to us at

Printed Data Sheets

You can download a printable data collection sheet below. If you record your data on printed paper, please transcribe your data onto the Google Sheet here, or on an excel sheet (above). It can be hard for us to read everyone’s handwriting, and we are very busy collecting data ourselves. If you are unable to transcribe the data onto the sheet above, you can scan your data sheet or take a picture of it and send it to

Google Forms Data Submission

To submit data using the Google Form click here, or below. You may want to bookmark the form so you can find it easily. When you hit the submit button, the data is automatically submitted to us. We suggest that this method might be easiest for folks who will only be submitting a few data points.