In the spring of 2021, the Washington, DC metro area will experience a rare and amazing natural phenomenon — the emergence of Brood X (Ten) periodical cicadas. We have designed this notebook as a teaching tool to help students investigate many fascinating aspects of this phenomenon.

This digital notebook will help students become knowledgeable and curious scientists. As a friend to cicadas, students can help us replace fear with fascination as we explore this amazing wonder of nature together. 

Check out our companion video here.

Digital Workbook Demo

 Teachers, to access the notebook on Google Slides and make your own writable pdf for students using Kami, click this link. If you wish to edit the presentation you can either Download it or Make a Copy in the File tab within Google Slides.

This workbook was made for educational purposes. Please feel free to share, print, and otherwise disseminate the book as widely as you would like as long as you are not selling it for profit.

For more educational materials, you can buy a wonderful book written by Martha Weiss and edited by Dio Crammer. This book is your trusty guide to the world of these fascinating insects — complete with surprising biological information, colorful illustrations, and even recipes for preparing your own cicada treats! Chick here to learn more.